My-Shield® Hospital Grade Cleaner has been clinically tested and proven to kill MRSA (Golden staph) & C-diff spores at Log 6 or better (≥99.9999%). It also kills Norovirus — a highly contagious virus that is largely resistant to detergents and alcohol. By puncturing the outer cell membranes of harmful germs, applying the Hospital Grade Cleaner provides long-term protection against the growth of surface microbes AND airborne pathogens.

It is vital that the very medical facilities designed to make us well, do not make us sick. The use of My-Shield® Hospital Grade Disinfectant in Hospitals, family doctor clinics, dental practices, and a variety of other medical facilities is essential to providing a long lasting shield against the spread of pathogens.


My-Shield® Laundry Complete is a fast-acting sanitizer and deodorizer that kills 99.999% of harmful germs and viruses while deodorizing and softening machine washable fabrics.

One application of My-Shield® Laundry Complete sanitizes and deodorizes clothing and fabric with continual protection against microbes for up to 28 days. Conventional detergents only provide protection during the laundering process and are subsequently ineffective at preventing bacterial contamination.

My-Shield® Laundry Complete is designed for household and commercial use.


Environments prone to heavy moisture and flooding not only cause structural damage to homes and businesses, but can cause serious health hazards by facilitating the growth of toxic mold. My-Shield® Mold and Mildew Remover can prevent and treat areas affected by mold and mildew, removing harmful pathogens from surfaces and the air.

My-Shield® Mold & Mildew Remover is an environmentally-friendly, non-toxic product that is safe to spray on any surface, including fabrics, carpets, walls, tiles, wood, concrete, tents, or tarps. The solution forms a transparent film over surfaces and continues to fight mold and mildew regrowth for up to 28 days, thanks to the proprietary nano antimicrobial technology of Zetrisil®.


My-Shield® and Germfree24® are safe and effective on skin, killing 99.999% of the harmful germs they come in contact with. Unlike conventional skin sanitation products, My-Shield® and Germfree24® continue to fight germs after the solution dries thanks to the nano-antimicrobial protection of Zetrisil®. One application of My-Shield® or Germfree24® Hand Sanitizer has been shown to remain effective for up to 24 hours. Other hand sanitation products on the market do not offer protection once they dry. Unlike My-Shield® and Germfree24®, repeated application is required for conventional hand sanitizers.


Skin Infections and diseases are a serious threat in many sports, gyms and locker rooms. Bacterial infections such as staphylococcus (staph infection) are also prone to becoming resistant to many antibiotic treatments. My-Shield® and Germfree24® are effective against common germs, fungi, fungal infections, odor, viruses and air born contamination. The Sanitizer adopts a three way killing mechanism through our proprietary Zetrisil® technology, not relying on a poison kill as do competing products. Thus, bacteria cannot adapt to it.

The application of the our surface sanitizer in these high risk environments is essential for providing long-lasting protection against bacterial, viral, fungus, and fungal infections.


The spread of harmful germs in military barracks and facilities can greatly reduce the efficacy of training and can also cause the military financial losses due to soldiers “recycling” (getting set back) into the next training cycle to make up for lost time. Fungal threats on floors and footwear also pose the risk of infecting soldiers, who must spend long days in (often damp) boots.

Prisons, like barracks and schoolhouses, also carry the threat of infecting residents and staff. My-Shield® and Germfree24® Hand Sanitizer, My-Shield® Surface Sanitizer, and My-Shield® Mold and Mildew Remover are essential tools to sanitize and provide long-term protection against contamination.


My-Shield® and Germfree24® products are essential for use in household environments to eliminate and protect against the future spread of germs, bacteria, viruses, odors and other pathogens. Proven to kill 99.999% of germs, our products are designed for hard and porous surfaces including: countertops, door and appliance handles, furniture, carpets, flooring, bathrooms, showers and more.

Most sanitizers use 65%+ alcohol in their solutions in order to poison germs. Continual use of alcohol based hand sanitizers can dry out skin, and lead to product degradation. Our products provide a long-lasting bond, are non-flammable, and non-poisonous, making them the most effective and safest hand sanitizers for the entire family.


Schools, daycare centers, nursing homes and other similar environments present significant health risks to those on the inside and outside. These facilities are highly prone to spreading germs, including contagious colds and viruses.

The application of My-Shield® and Germfree24® products can significantly reduce the risk of students, staff, and residents coming into contact with dangerous microbes. Areas to target include: hands, shared objects (desks, chairs, doorknobs, cafeteria tables), floors, walls and restrooms.

A single application of our My-Shield® Surface Sanitizer not only eliminates bacteria, but also prevents bacterial re-infection by maintaining a long-lasting nano-protective barrier.


The last thing people want on a vacation or night out is to contract an illness because of contaminated areas in a restaurant, hotel, cruise ship, airplane or nightclub. Not only does this damper the purpose of the hospitality industry, but it can tarnish the reputation of businesses that are designed to provide customers with an all-around pleasant experience.

Hospitality Areas To Target:
Cruise ships, food preparation areas, restaurant tables, hotel rooms, hotel mattresses, bedspreads, curtains, lobby furniture, carpets, function rooms gym equipment, pool decks, corridors, airplane cabins, and bathrooms. Create completely sanitized and sterile rooms to protect the health of guests and staff. This will not only will this reduce the risk of personal contracting airborne pathogens, but it will reduce and often eliminate unpleasant odors.


Applying our products is easy and creates a lasting shield against the growth and spread of harmful pathogens.

Our innovative, non-toxic and safe line of skin, surface and laundry products will change the way you keep your daily environment clean and protected. We offer unique and advanced products and Treatment Services for residential settings, schools, businesses and wherever clean is important! Our team can visit your location, provide ATP Swab Testing to determine the level of contaminates and help you create an aggressive and effective treatment plan.

Small Surface Areas

Can be sprayed, wiped or applied directly onto a surface or item and allowed to dry. Foams and soaps can be applied directly onto skin.

Large Surface Areas (i.e. Building Interiors)

A sprayer can be used to easily disperse the disinfectant to all surfaces within a room — including walls, ceilings, flooring, furniture and accessories. Drying time with this application is very quick and the procedure is complete within minutes.


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