My-Shield Sanitizing Body Spray: Convenience and Effectiveness When You Need It Most

Germfree Innovations understands that it’s not just how well products work to keep us clean, but also how convenient they are for regular use. Our My-Shield Sanitizing Body spray doubles as both a powerful protector and a super convenient mist that can be safely applied to hands, surfaces, and clothing for long lasting protection. We’ve taken the guess work out of keeping your environment clean, and helped package it in a convenient to carry and easy to apply product that can be nearly universally applied. 

One of the most overlooked sources of contagion is actually the masks we wear every day. Though they do a good job of filtering the air we breathe, bacteria and viruses can get clogged in the filter material, meaning that as soon as you touch it, your hands become contaminated. Worse, without regular washing or sanitizing, these masks continue to collect and trap live microorganisms, making them potentially dangerous sources of infection. 

The My-Shield Sanitizing Body spray is the perfect solution to this overlooked problem. With a few easy sprays on the mask contact surface, you kill the microorganisms that have collected there on contact, and ensure up to 28 days of lasting protection after. Zetrisil, the active ingredient in both the My-Shield and GermFree24 products we carry, has been proven effective against COVID-19 viruses on contact, and for up to 28 days after application on fabrics just like the ones most reusable face masks and filters are made from.

Germfree Innovations products are not meant to replace washing and disinfecting of your face masks, which should still be done on a regular basis with reusable masks. In fact, we also offer sanitizing laundry detergent with added Zetrisil, products that are ideal for sanitizing masks and ensuring lasting protection. But freshening up your reusable masks with a regular application of our Sanitizing Body spray will help ensure they are providing you maximum protection 24/7, and that any harmful microorganisms you breathe in are being neutralized on contact. 

From your hands, to your masks, to your most frequently touched surfaces, our Sanitizing body spray can be applied liberally and nearly universally, offering you and your family the most protection against viruses like COVID-19. Make keeping clean easy, and give yourself the peace of mind that 28 days of extended protection provides. All our products are certified against COVID-19 and a wide variety of other harmful bacteria and viruses, offering complete protection where and when you need it most.