Sanitizer vs Soap: Which One Should I Use?

One of the big questions we often get is “When is it most appropriate to use sanitizer instead of hand soap?” There are benefits and detriments to both, but the CDC recommends hand washing with soap and water whenever possible, and if not, then sanitizing with a hand sanitizer is the next best thing.

The primary reason is that soap and water is more effective in more environments, and is more effective against all germs instead of specific microbes. But don’t rule sanitizer out just yet, especially the products sold at Germfree Innovations. Germfree innovations offer both sanitizer and soap products that use our novel Zetrisil® technology to combat germs now, and up to 24 hours after. Our products combine the best elements of soap and sanitizer for true cleaning power and germ protection that lasts.

Soap: When It Works Best

Soap is still the preferred method of handwashing for a variety of reasons. When dealing with substances on the hands, like oil, grease, dirt, and chemicals, hand sanitizer is almost completely ineffective. In these situations, soap and water are the only option for fully cleaning hands and removing the contaminants in a safe manner.

CDC guidelines also suggest that alcohol-based sanitizer isn’t effective against as many types of germs as soap and water is. Though it can kill a broad spectrum of the most usual germs we encounter, sanitizer is not 100% foolproof. Soap uses a mechanical action to bind to the germs, making them release from the surface and be washed away, something that is still effective against nearly all bacteria and viruses.

Sanitizer: The Pros and Cons

The best part of sanitizer is its near-universal application. Sanitizer is great for hard surfaces, and provides nearly instant clean without the need for friction or time. Simply wipe on the surface, and allow it to air dry. Soap requires much more manual interaction, and also requires you to rinse or wash the surface after application.

When it comes to hands, the same is also true. Sanitizer doesn’t require water or vigorous rubbing to be effective, simple apply to your hands and rub until air dry. This type of instant action (Germfree products neutralize corona virus in 30 seconds or less) is extremely convenient, especially when a sink isn’t handy. Alcohol based sanitizers are effective, and dry quickly, but have several limitations that soap and Germfree products don’t suffer from.

In addition, traditional sanitizers that are less than 60% alcohol are ineffective in providing adequate germ killing capabilities, something soap and water doesn’t suffer from. Any soap and water will do, but not all sanitizers are created equal.

Germfree: The Best of Both Worlds

Our Germfree24® and My-Shield® products are designed to overcome some of the limitations of alcohol based hand sanitizer, while keeping the convenience factor intact. Though Germfree products do not utilize alcohol as the active ingredient, it has been shown to be as or more effective against battling microorganisms than traditional hand sanitizers.

One of the other negatives we often hear about hand sanitizer is that the alcohol can be irritating, especially after frequent use. Ethyl alcohol has been shown to cause some degree of skin irritation, and can leave hands feeling raw or sensitive. Germfree Products do not rely on alcohol, and are both hypoallergenic and significantly less irritating even after multiple uses. Several customers who have had adverse reactions to alcohol based sanitizer, are able to use our product with little to no irritation.

Another benefit is that our sanitizer products last significantly longer than the protections you get from either soap or alcohol sanitizers. Our Germfree products can last up to 24 hours on hands, and up to 28 days on hard surfaces, neutralizing what’s on your hands now, and protecting you from whatever you may pick up in the future.

So Which Should You Use?

To sum things up, both soap and sanitizer are effective against combating coronaviruses like COVID19. Handwashing, however, is more effective in a variety of settings and against a wider range or microorganisms. That doesn’t mean sanitizers like Germfree don’t have a place in fighting off infection. In situations where you don’t have access to soap and water, or time for a thorough handwashing, sanitizer is still your next best bet. And Germfree Innovations products offers the best combination of germ fighting activity and convenience to help keep you and your family safe.

Germfree Innovations offers both soap and sanitizer based products, so no matter what you need, we’ve got you covered.

No matter what you use, make sure you’re using it properly and regularly, to help keep your hands and surfaces clean. By washing or sanitizing regularly, and making sure your surfaces are being wiped down frequently, we can help control and contain the spread of bacteria and viruses like COVID-19.